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About Tech Alive

Web-Based Publishing of Scholarly Content

Tech Alive is a web-based publishing initiative, which empowers the dissemination of scholarly products generated by Michigan Tech students, faculty, and staff and their colleagues. Tech Alive seeks to tap a reservoir of educational expertise and scholarship that has been held captive by the barriers typically encountered in web-based publishing.

Tech Alive offers users an opportunity for rapid publication of their works, on a common platform, with an absolute minimum of training. Tech Alive supports a wide variety of rich content options (animation, video clips, spreadsheets, document and PDF files, executables) leading to the development of robust and dynamic websites. Tech Alive products can be easily updated, ensuring fresh and ever-evolving content.

Tech Alive services, integrated with existing and developing academic and research programs, can improve the quality of web-based communication and enhance the distribution of scholarly products for a very modest investment of resources.

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The basic unit of Tech Alive is the Module: a self-standing package of web pages which delivers information on a specific topic. Modules are organized into topical groups, termed Volumes, and these are then collected into project groups, called Series. Taken together, all of the Series constitute the Tech Alive library of materials.


  • Rich Content - modules support a wide variety of applications which lead to robust and dynamic products.

  • User Empowerment - the services provided allow you to get your material published with an absolute minimum of effort.

  • Professional Context - module content benefits from scholarly review provided by Series and Volume editors. Tech Alive provides a repository for reputable academic material.