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Marine Transport – A Team Sport


Trucks, trains and ships are modes of transportation. Maritime shipping is intermodal, meaning that several different modes of transportation may be necessary to move commodities from their point of origin to ships and from ships to their point of delivery.

For example combines are used on the plains of the Dakotas to harvest wheat. The combines transfer their harvest to trucks which haul the grain to regional grain elevators. The grain is stored in the elevators for pickup by trains for shipment to larger elevators at the port city. The grain is then loaded aboard ships and carried to the port of delivery, where elevators and trucks are used once again to store and move the grain to where it will be processed into final product.

The system is supported by a team of workers that operate the trucks, trains and boats, transfer the bulk commodities among the different modes of transportation, and watch over the waterways to ensure safety and efficiency.

Harvesting Transfer Grain to Truck Grain Elevator Grain Train Loading Grain onto Ship Grain to Bakery