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Why Maritime Shipping?


Question: Why is maritime shipping used to transport goods across the Great Lakes region and around the world?

Answer: Compared with trucks, railways and airplanes, maritime transportation is an inexpensive means of transporting goods, especially bulk commodities.

Maritime shipping is a fuel-efficient method for transporting heavy goods, making it cost-effective for moving bulk commodities over long distances. A ship can move one ton of cargo 500 miles on one gallon of fuel, making maritime transportation much more fuel-efficient than other modes of transportation.

A "thousand-footer" can carry the equivalent cargo of 7 one hundred-car trains and 2,800 twenty-five ton trucks. That ship could also carry enough grain to make bread for all 8,000,000 residents of New York city for a month!

Their fuel efficiency and cargo capacity make ships an ideal method of transporting bulk commodities across the Great Lakes region and around the world.

Energy Consumption
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Transportation Energy Bar Graph