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Aground When traveling on water, to be stranded by becoming stuck on the bottom.
Bentonite A soft clay that absorbs liquids well, often used as a binding agent to help other materials stick together.
Bulk Commodities that are distributed or transported in loose form, not in packages.
Combine A machine used to harvest grains such as wheat; the combine cut the wheat plants and separates the seed head from the stalk.
Commodities Any goods or objects that are traded or sold.
Connecting Channel A route between two bodies of water; on the Great Lakes, the St. Mary’s River is a connecting channel, joining Lakes Huron and Superior.
Downbound Sailing in the direction of the ocean, such as from Lake Superior to Lake Huron.
Elevator A building for storing grain, with machinery to raise the grain up in the elevator and to transfer it to and from trucks and trains.
Emit To give off, such as a smokestack emitting pollutants..
Finished Goods Final products, such as cereal, as opposed to the raw material, grain.
Greenhouse Gas Any of several gases, including carbone dioxide, methane, ozone, and fluorocarbons, that trap the sun’s energy in the Earth’s atmosphere, potentially increasing global temperatures.
Intermodal Involving more than one mode; for transportation, this might include ships and trains.
Locks A portion of a waterway, enclosed by gates, used to move ships from one water level to another.
Maritime Having to do with water bodies or the sea; nautical.
Mode A way of doing things; airplanes, ships and trucks are different modes of transportation.
Port A location on land where ships are loaded and unloaded.
Saltie An ocean-going ship
Thousand Footer A lake boat 1000 feet long or longer. The vessels cannot pass through the St. Lawrence River to the ocean because they are too long to fit in the river’s locks.
Ton A unit of weight equivalent to 2,000 pounds.
Upbound Sailing in a direction away from the ocean, such as from Lake Erie to Lake Huron.