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Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Stream Monitoring


Title Page: Stream Monitoring

How Much Water is There?

Importance of Healthy Streams

Who Is Affected By Stream Quality?

A Stream's Role In the Watershed

Let's Take A Stream Tour

Physical Characteristics & Stream Habitat Assessment

Physical Assessment

Physical Assessment Wrapup

Water Chemistry

Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Question

pH in the Stream


Nitrogen and Phosphorous

Nitrogen Question

Other Indicators

Algae Question

Biological Characteristics

What Do We Expect to See?

Pollution Sensitive Macroinvertebrates

Macroinvertebrates Somewhat Sensitive to Pollution

Macroinvertebrates Tolerant to Pollution

Instructions for Biological Assessment

Biological Assessment

Putting It All Together

Emerging Issues

Activities You Can Do

Stream Monitoring Assessment



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