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River and Stream Ecosystems


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
River and Stream Ecosystems

Canoers: Horton Creek, MI

Horton Creek - Charlevoix, MI

During this exercise you will learn the following about rivers and streams:

  • How the lake sturgeon, a native fish species of the Great Lakes, has been affected by the changing river ecosystem
  • Why the lake sturgeon and other animals depend on the river for survival
  • How to identify some common plants and animals found in the river ecoystem

Lake Sturgeon Spawning

Spawning Lake Sturgeon

Rivers and Streams as an Ecosystem

Rivers and streams can be found throughout the entire state of Michigan. They give people an excellent opportunity to view the interaction between wildlife and fish communities They provide recreation and beautiful scenery as well. The wildlife and fish in these systems, along with the environment in which they live, make up the stream ecosystem. During this exercise you will learn how animals and fish survive within the stream ecosystem and how the stream ecosystem has been influenced over time.

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