Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Wetland Ecosystems

Biological Production

Refers to the amount of plant material that grows in an ecosystem.

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A wetland that gets water only from falling rain and snow.

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Soil is removed from the land, usually from water or wind.

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Exotic Species

A plant, animal, or insect that has been accidentally or purposely introduced to an area where it does not normally live.

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A wetland that resembles a bog, but gets water not just from falling rain and snow, but from groundwater and water running off of slopes.

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Hydric Soil

Soil that is wet all or most of the year.

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Hydrophytic Plant

A plant that is adapted to a wet area.

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A wetland found next to streams, ponds, or lakes that are dominated by grass-like plants such as cattails.

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A wetland dominated by woody plants like trees and shrubs.

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