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Home Energy Use


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Home Energy Use

Energy in the Home

"If there is a way to do it better...find it."

~Thomas Edison

Thermal image of a home.

Home energy use is something we usually don't think about. In fact some of us even take energy for granted and waste it, but every time we flip on the light switch, watch TV, or listen to CD's we use energy.

Did you know that Michigan homes use almost 1/3 of all electricity sold in the state! In fact Michigan homes used more electricity in 2002 than all the industry (factories, mines, etc.) in the entire state.

In this module you will learn more energy facts as you explore the following topics:
  • Types of energy within the home
  • How energy is used in the home
  • Home energy loss
  • Home energy efficiency
  • Laws and incentive programs
  • The Michigan home
  • Audit your own home energy use
This infrared thermal image of a home shows energy being lost in the form of heat, with the red areas losing the most. What are some ways that houses lose energy?
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