How Does a Landfill Work?


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Where Does Our Garbage Go?

Landfills require careful planning, time, and money before they become a reality. 

Work on a landfill site begins only after the site passes strict legal, environmental, and engineering tests. It is not a quick procedure; it can take five years before the landfill is ready to use, at a cost of $2 to $4 million.

Scroll your mouse over the landfill diagram to learn more about the construction and operation of a landfill.

Glossary term: leachate

Taking away your trash is not free!  Landfills need money to pay workers and to maintain safety and environmental safeguards.  Some communities charge a flat monthly pickup fee while other communities charge by the amount of trash, by the bag, or waste can.  This is called a tipping fee

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