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Where Does Our Energy Come From?


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Energy and Sustainability

Where Does Energy Come From

[Interactive Quiz]

What is the best definition of “Energy”?

A. Energy is what it takes to drive our cars, light our homes, and heat our houses.

B. Energy comes from the sun in the form of radiation,.

C. Energy is a power over time

D. All of the Above

Answer: (D) Energy causes things to move, run, change or happen. Energy can be transformed or changed from one form to another. Each time energy changes form, some of the energy is converted into heat energy and dissipated into the environment. Energy has many uses. All people use energy and other resources for their basic needs and to increase their material standard of living. People use energy to heat and cool their homes, to run their appliances, to power their cars, and to make goods and service. Energy has become increasingly important to industrial societies and has taken on a central role. There are renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. Each energy source has pros and cons environmentally and economically that can and should be compared.


The Sun is the source of almost all of our energy!

Physicists believe that in the center of the sun there is a constant nuclear reaction happening. From crashing two hydrogen molecules together a helium molecule is formed as well as a huge amount of energy.

Great! So we are getting bombarded with energy from the sun, but what is it?

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