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My Decisions Impact Michigan, the U.S. and the World


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
My Decisions Impact Michigan, the U.S. and the World

Map Containing Isle Royale
Isle Royale

In this Module you will learn about:

  • Isle Royale , International Biosphere Reserve
  • Sources of some pollutants found on Isle Royale
  • Pollutant transport
  • Choices you can make to reduce pollution
Isle Royale Sunset Power Plant Emissions Wind Turbines

You may not know, it but decisions you make every day can have an impact on the rest of the world. We can see this by looking at a National Park in Michigan: Isle Royale.

Isle Royale is one of several National Parks in Michigan. It lies in northern Lake Superior, closer to Canada and Minnesota than to Michigan. The island is very isolated due to the fact that it is separated from the rest of the world by the icy waters of Lake Superior. Because of the island's distance from industrial centers and its general isolation, scientists studying water pollution in the region expected to find little or no pollution in the lakes on the island. They were surprised to find that some Isle Royale lakes were more polluted than mainland waters.

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