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Energy and Global Politics


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Energy and Sustainability


Michigan:  An international leader in the automotive industry.  

Since at least the early 1900's, Michigan has been an international leader in the development and production of automobiles.  Henry Ford, Ransom E. Olds and others made Detroit the "Motor City".  The development of the auto industry, and the evolution of the automobile into the primary mode of transportation could not have happened without the simultaneous discovery and development of a cheap source of fuel... petroleum.


In this module you will

  • Briefly examine the history of the development of the automobile.
  • Examine a brief history of the development of the petroleum industry. 
  • Study historical examples that illustrate the link between the supply petroleum and political situations around the world.
  • Look at trends which may allow us to predict our energy supply future.



Man carrying gas can

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