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Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum
Wastewater Treatment


Title Page: Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater - The Early Days

Wastewater - Regulations

Wastewater - Sources and Flows

Wastewater - What's In It?

Wastewater - Where Does It Go When I Flush The Toilet?

Combined and Separate Sewers

Wastewater Treatment - Overview

Wastewater - Preliminary Treatment

Wastewater - Primary Treatment

Wastewater - Secondary Treatment: Activated Sludge

Wastewater - Secondary Treatment: Clarifier

Wastewater - Tertiary or Advanced Waste Treatment

Wastewater - Disinfection

Wastewater - Solids Management

Wastewater - Solids Management: Digestion

Wastewater - Solids Management: Digestion Process

Wastewater - Solids Management: Dewatering

Wastewater - Solids Management: Disposal

Final Effluent

Activity - Where Does It All Go?

Wastewater - Rural Community Treatment

Wastewater - Onsite Treatment

International Space Station



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