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Author Resource Web Elements

A Series may have an Author Resource page created for each module folder. This page contains rich content buttons, bullets, and arrow images. It also contains subscript and superscript formatting which can't be created directly in Contribute. To utilize the Author Resource Page:

1. Open a draft of the web page which needs the web element by editing that page.

2. Open a draft of the Author Resource page by clicking on Browser in the Pages Panel, then Choose, then selecting AuthorResource.htm.

Choose Button Module Directory

3. There should be 2 drafts open in the Pages Panel. Click on the Author Resource draft to select it for editing. Select the web element and copy it (Ctrl+C or Edit > Copy).

Author Resource Draft Selected

4. Select your web page draft and place your cursor where you want the web element. Paste (Ctrl+V or Edit > Paste) it in the web draft.

Web Draft Selected

5. Select the Author Resource draft and Cancel.

Cancel Author Resource Draft

6. Finish editing your web draft and Publish.


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