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Using Macromedia ContributeTM

Contribute is web-editing software designed to permit you to use web templates and make contributions to your website with ease and security.


CD InstallPurchase a copy of Contribute from the bookstore or from the Macromedia web site. It is available for Windows and Mac. Install the software at one location wherever you intend to do your web editing. It can be in your office, at home, on a laptop, or at a collaborating institution. You must have internet access to make contributions to your web page.

Connection Key

Connection KeyYou will be able to use Contribute to author your web pages as soon as you receive your Connection Key. This will happen after your templates have been developed and your web page directory has been set up. You will receive your Contribute login information with your key by email. Save your key and double-click it to connect to your website. The key is just a file having an ".stc" extension.

More Information


Screen captures are available for you to view the Contribute interface and example templates. Contribute has menus and an editing area, similar to other office software. It also has a Pages Panel for displaying a list of current drafts.

Operating System

Contribute is available for Windows and Macintosh. Check the Macromedia site for more information about system requirements. If your department or organization has a mainly Unix computing environment, consider using Contribute on a centrally-located PC or Mac.


When you access your web page through your Contribute key, you are using FTP to exchange materials with the Tech Alive web server. You can't FTP directly to the server. Your key information is encrypted for security.

You must have access to both your Connection Key and to Contribute software to edit your website. The Connection Key can be stored in your mail message or somewhere on your computer. It should be copied to disk along with your other source materials if you plan to use Contribute at a different location. The Connection Key takes you directly to your start page in your module directory.

The Connection Key only stores your login information and directory. Other permissions, such as folder and template access, are stored on the web server. These permissions may be updated without requiring a new key issuance. The site administrator may disable your Contribute account, which would render your key useless.


If you forget your login password, request to have another key sent to you. Delete the original key. If you want to change your password, arrange to come to Dow 857 to change your password.