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Example Modules

1. Instructional Modules | 2. Overviews | 3. Traditional Modules

Modules are characterized by their scope and objective. Each Series specifies its own module type, which includes template layout and authoring policy. All modules may have the following features:

  • Series and Volume title pages and module indices
  • Rich content
  • Alternatives to rich content
  • Tailored colors and backgrounds
  • Supporting online documentation

You module may be like one of the following, or some combination of the three types listed.

Example Set 1: Instructional Modules

Instructional-type modules have the following characteristics:

  • Sequential navigation
  • Rich content advisories at the start
  • Title page
  • Motivation, Theory, Analysis, and Application pages
  • Glossary and Bibliography pages
  • Fixed size

The sequential format is useful when all of the material is intended to be viewed.

Example 1a: Lake Restoration by Aeration

Example 1b: Highway Design

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Example Set 2: Overviews

Overview modules have the following characteristics:

  • 1-3 pages
  • Highly structured template layout
  • Numerous, probably accessed through search
  • Overviews, vignettes, profiles, case histories are examples

Example 2a: Energy Pathways Supporting Diporeia Populations in Lake Superior

Example 2b: Rapid Assessment of Lake Sturgeon Spawning Stocks Using Instream Hydroacoustic Technology

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Example Set 3: Traditional Websites

Traditional modules have the following characteristics:

  • Home page
  • Main menu and submenu navigation
  • Expandable
  • Research and course pages are examples

The menu format is useful when material is only intended to be viewed as needed.

Example 3a: R/V Agassiz

Example 3b: Applied Chemical and Morphological Analyses Center

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