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Animation Collaboration: General Features of Flash

Animation Features | Interactive Features

Animation Features

  1. Graphics
    1. Vectors (lines and fills)
    2. Bitmaps (rasters or pixel arrays)
    3. Drawing objects: Oval, rectangle, line, freehand
    4. Gradients: Linear, radial
    5. Import many file types for vector or bitmap files
    6. Convert bitmap to vector

  2. Tweening (continuous property change)
    1. XY position
    2. Scale, Skew, Rotate
    3. Shape morph
    4. Tint, Transparency, Brightness
    5. Reference (pivot point)
    6. Gradient or solid fill
    7. Line shapes

  3. Masks (hide and reveal layers)
    1. Mask moving over background (spotlight)
    2. Background moving behind mask (panning)

  4. Movie Clips (mini-Flash movies used inside main movie)
    1. Independent timeline
    2. Multiple instances for complexity

  5. Motion Paths (animated object follows a predetermined path)
    1. Hand drawn
    2. Follow portion of a drawing object shape
    3. Imported graph
    4. Multiple objects can follow the same path with independent characteristics (distance from the path, CW or CCW tumbling, speed)

  6. Sound
    1. Event sounds (independent of movie timeline)
    2. Stream sounds (synchronized with movie)
    3. Basic sound editing (start, finish, volume, fade)
    4. Sound effects and music loops available royalty-free on the web

Interactive Features

  1. Programmability
    1. Enter data or text
    2. Pass variables
    3. Call functions
    4. Conditionals
    5. Toggle states
    6. Change object properties
    7. Drag objects
    8. Cause objects to follow the cursor
    9. Static and dynamic text
    10. Basic math; sines and cosines but no higher transcendental functions

  2. User Interface (pre-defined)
    1. CheckBox (multiple selections)
    2. ComboBox (scrollable single-selection drop-down list)
    3. ListBox (scrollable single- and multiple-selection list box )
    4. RadioButton (exclusive selection)
    5. ScrollPane (add window panes with vertical and horizontal scroll bars to display movie clips)
    6. PushButton (simple button acts on mouseover, mousedown, mouse release, drag over, drag out, release outside, or key press events)
    7. ScrollBar (adding vertical and horizontal scroll bars to text fields)

  3. Learning Interactions (pre-defined) can assess correct and incorrect answers, provide feedback, and perform an action based on the answer.
    1. Drag and Drop (move items to correct position)
    2. Fill in the Blank (question and answer)
    3. Hot Objects (choose the correct object)
    4. Hot Spot (choose the correct image area)
    5. Multiple Choice
    6. True or False


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