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Animation Collaboration: Best Uses of Flash

  1. Show a process
    1. Looping and periodic clips are ideal for Flash
    2. Control a process timeline: pause, step, reverse, slow
    3. Compare processes over time
    4. Playback image sequences generated from other authoring tools
    5. Process can be conceptual rather than physical

  2. Efficient use of stage area
    1. Display different images in the same stage area for rapid comparison
    2. Interactive display of labels, advisories, information, specifications, etc. on objects
    3. Hide and reveal parts and layers
    4. Control an image scale: zoom, pan

  3. Build complexity
    1. Create unlimited instances of movie clips with variations on properties
    2. Mask multiple layers
    3. Attach multiple sprites (animated objects) to a motion path
    4. Do onion-skinning for cartoon animation
    5. Import sound and video
    6. Create multi-scene animation
    7. Link animations together directly or within a web page
    8. Open web sites and other documents from Flash


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