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Creating a Module - General: Glossary

Your template set may include a Glossary Page with repeatable entries.

Glossary in Edit Mode

Repeatable Glossary Term Entry: Edit Mode

Click inside any editable part of a glossary entry to select it. Use the mini interface (circled) to add, remove, and re-order the entries. Each term and definition will expand as needed, so you can have an arbitrarily complex glossary definition, including rich content. Split and merge table cells in the 3x3 layout table for the glossary definition. Terms should be in alphabetical order or in "visitor encounter" order.

Glossary in Browser Mode

Glossary Terms: Browser Mode

The "Return to Lesson" button should be linked to the page with the first occurrence of the glossary term.

Page Anchor = Section Anchor is intended to mark a location on a web page. Anchors can be added after the glossary is complete so glossary terms go directly to that location on the glossary page.

More Information

Nothing Happens When Repeat Entry Interface is Used

If you click the little interface menu and nothing happens, your connection to the Template on the web server needs to be refreshed. Click on Browser in the Pages Panel and create a new page. Refresh templates, then cancel. Return to the draft of the glossary page and try the interface menu again.


To create an anchor, click the "anchor" icon and type in a simple name. For example, use "watersheds" to mark the page location of the glossary term Watersheds. It's just a marker.

On the lesson page containing the glossary term "watershed" in its original context, select the term "watershed" and Link > Drafts and Recent Pages.... You should see your anchor name from the drop-down list "Section anchor". Select that.

If your glossary page is named "Glossary.htm", then your lesson page glossary term would be linked to "Glossary.htm#watersheds".

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