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Image Resources

Photography, Clip Art, Text, Audio/Visual, Animation

3D Cafe's Free Photographs | Content Usage License Agreement

Ad*Access Project | Copyright and Citation Information

Agricultural Research Service: Educational Resources

Air Force Link: Photos | FAQs about Images

American Memory from the Library of Congress | Legal Notices

Antique Clipart

Antique Pictures from Books and Magazines

Art Gallery | Some Rights Reserved

Art Gallery 2 | Some Rights Reserved

Art Images for College Teaching | Licensing Information

ArtServe | Copyright

The Association for Science Education: Teachers Zone: Image Gallery

Barry's Clipart Server | Terms of Use

BIODIDAC: A bank of digital resources for teaching biology | Terms of Use

CalPhotos | Usage Guidelines

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing | Important Notices

Cities and Buildings Database | Reproduction & Use

Civil War Photographs | Restrictions

Clipart Connection | Terms of Use

Clip Art from Action-Links

CoolNotions Public Domain Images


Digital Imaging Project | Use of Images

Educator's Professional Development Institute Series: MTU Department of Education: Photo Albums | Permission Contact

Eisenhower Library Select List of Public Domain Images Online

Energy Information Administration | Copyright Information

Fifty Birds of Town and City | Public Domain

FirstGov: U. S. Government Graphics and Photos

Forestry Images | Use of Images

Free Stock Photos | Usage

Global Community Zone | Some Rights Reserved

Greg Goebel's In the Public Domain

GRIN: Great Images in NASA | Copyright Notification

Hubble Space Telescope Publicly Released Images | Copyright

Humanities Text Initiative Public Domain Modern English Collection

Images of Africa | Public Domain

Images of American Political History | Using the Collection

Images in the Public Domain via David Dailey

Insecta | Some Rights Reserved

Insect Images | Use of Images

Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive | Terms of Use

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America | Use of Images

IPM Images: The Source for Agriculture and Pest Management Images | Use of Images

John Leech Sketch Archives from Punch | Public Domain

J. R. Van Pelt Library: MTU Archives & Copper Country Historical Collections: Using the Archives: Publication and Citation

Metropolitan Museum of Art | Terms and Conditions

Microbial Mugshots, EPA Microbiology | Public Domain Credit Information

Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media

NASA Images | Reproduction Guidelines

NASA Solar System Exploration | Image Use Policy

NASA's Visible Earth | Copyright

National Archives and Records Administration | Copyright Notice

National Atlas of the United States | Usage Restrictions

National Library of Medicine: Images from the History of Medicine | Copyright and Permission

National Park Service Digital Image Archives | Releases and Photo Credits

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Photographic Information Exchange | Download Information

Naval Historical Center Online Library of Selected Images

Newgate Calendar | Public Domain

The New York Public Library Picture Collection Online | Licensing

Night Sky Live | Public Domain Usage

NOAA Photo Library | Restrictions

NOAA Emergency Response Imagery

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory | Restrictions

NOAA National Geodetic Survey Remote Sensing Division

NOAA National Marine Fisheries

NOAA National Ocean Service

NOAA National Undersea Research Program

NOAA National Weather Service

NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center Historical Photos

NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

NOAA Satellite and Information Service

PD Photo | Copyright

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection | Copyright Information

Pics4Learning | Image Use

PsychArt: A Public Domain Library of Famous Psychologists

Public Domain Images | Images and the Law

Public Domain Stock Photos | Usage Terms

Public Domain Tornado Images | More

Public Health Image Library: Photographs, Illustrations, Audio/Visual, Animations | Regulations

Railroad Clip Art

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture

Scanned Images, Engravings and Pictures From Old Books | Public Domain

SCETI: Smith Collection: Images of Scientists and Equipment

Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image (Flash Required): SCETI

Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) | Copyrights and Credits

SciGallery | Some Rights Reserved

Spitzer Space Telescope - NASA/JPL | Image Use Policy

Strange Attractor Images by Sprott

TerraServer USA | Image Restrictions

United States Department of the Interior Photo Library Resources | Footer: Disclaimer

U. S. Army Clipart | FAQs

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library

USDA Online Photography Center | Usage Permission

USDA Historical Photos | Usage Permission

US Fish and Wildlife Service Pictures/Graphics

U.S. Geological Survey Earth Science Photographic Archive

Visualizing the Great Lakes - USEPA | Restrictions for Using USEPA/GLNPO Images

Warning Labels in the Public Domain

Webschool's Media Gallery | More | Some Rights Reserved

Webucate Multimedia Resources | Some Rights Reserved

Webucation Gallery | Some Rights Reserved

Wikipedia:GNU Free Documentation License Resources


Wikipedia:Public Domain Image Resources

WIRE Image Library: The World-Wide Information System for Renewable Energy

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library | Public Domain

Yellowstone Digital Slide File | FAQs

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