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Help with Rich Content: Images

Image formats supported are JPEG and GIF.

In many cases, images can be expanded by clicking on the Expand Element icon or by clicking directly on the thumbnail image.

Ripley CamExpand Element

Auto Resize

Internet Explorer may automatically resize images. For large images, this decreases the legibility of the detail. To disable auto image resize:

Tools > Internet Options... > Advanced > Multimedia > Uncheck Enable Automatic Image Resizing

Turn Off Graphics

You can turn off graphics loading if necessary, to increase download speed:

Internet Explorer Users

Tools > Internet Options... > Advanced > Multimedia > Uncheck Show Pictures

Netscape 6.0+ Users

Edit > Preferences... > Privacy & Security > Images > Do not load any images

Netscape 4.x Users

Edit > Preferences... > Advanced > Uncheck Automatically load images

Opera Users

Toggle whether images should be loaded/shown Load Images