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Creating a Module - General: Keywords and Description

META Information

Your web page contains hidden information in the form of "meta tags" located in the header section of the HTML code. These tags may contain information about the web page or the web author. Two common meta tags enable a keyword list and description of the web content. To modify or add to these fields, do:

Format > Keywords and Description...

Page Keywords and Description


These can be separated by commas and spaces, but don't use line breaks (carriage returns). Select a list of keywords that accurately describe the page content. Focus on keywords that might be selected by web visitors using a search engine. Use both common abbreviations and acronyms, as well as complete names. Include "MTU" and "Michigan Technological University" if they aren't already in the list, to help promote the visibility of the university.


The page description should be a phrase, sentence or paragraph which accurately describes the content of the page. Don't insert line breaks. List MTU somewhere in the description.

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