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Creating a Module - General: Navigation

Each module type has its own internal navigation.

Navigation from the Tech Alive Series page to the start page of the module has already been created for you.

Sequential Navigation

Instructional type modules will typically have sequential navigation marked with "Next" and "Previous" arrow buttons built into the template. They are editable buttons which are meant to be linked to the adjacent pages when ready. To build sequential navigation, select a "Next" or "Previous" button, then:

  1. Link > Create New Page… (to create and link to a new page) OR
  2. Link > Drafts and Recent Pages (to link to an existing page)

Creating pages and linking pages can be done independently.

Menu Navigation

Traditional type modules are characterized by a Main Menu on the start page. That menu may exist on every template page, or there may simply be a "Return to Index" link on secondary pages.

Non-Editable Menus

If your Main Menu is not editable, then the web page filenames associated with the menu items are hard-wired and can't be changed by module authors. To create a new page:

  1. In browser mode, place your cursor over the menu item to see its exact filename in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. That page doesn't exist yet.
  2. Create a New Page.
  3. When Publishing, choose the exact filename from the menu instead of the optional filename nominated by Contribute.
  4. Once Published, the page is automatically linked.

Changes to non-editable menus are done within the template through Tech Alive. These changes are broadcast to each page built from the template containing that menu.

Editable Menus

If your Main Menu is editable, then the web page filenames are placeholders (page.htm). To create a new page:

  1. Edit the page containing the Main Menu.
  2. Select a Main Menu item. You can change its display text. With the display text selected, do Link > Create New Page….
  3. When Publishing the new page, any unique filename can be used.
  4. You can also link to existing pages by selecting the menu item display text and doing Link > Drafts and Recent Pages.

Updates to the menu at the template level will only affect new pages; they will NOT be broadcast to existing pages.


Your secondary page may contain a submenu which is either hidden or visible by default. You can change its visibility by setting template properties. Do Format > Template Properties..., select the submenu, and check or uncheck Show Optional Submenu.

Submenu items are created from repeatable entries. The submenu can be expanded and contracted as needed. Submenu items are editable, and you can create and link new pages as you would with an editable Main Menu.

You can also design your own submenus from scratch as tables or lists.

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