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Creating a Module - General: Start Page and Folder

Double-clicking your Contribute key takes you directly to your module start page after logon. Generally, this web page is called "index.htm" and it has already been created for you from one of your Series templates. It is ready to edit, while other pages need to be created new from the other Series templates.

The start page is located in your module folder. Your key gives you permission to edit pages and create new pages within this folder. Contribute will also upload materials to this folder upon Publishing. Images go into the module subfolder called "images", and documents go into the module subfolder called "documents".

More Information

Multiple Modules

If you are authoring multiple modules within Tech Alive, your key will give you permission to access each module folder. There can only be one start page associated with a key. To edit a different module, navigate to its start page either by browsing, or by typing the URL into the Address field, or by creating and following a bookmark to it.

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