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Creating a Module - General: Text

Typing Text

Place your cursor inside of an editable field and type as you would with a word processor. Text will wrap within the layout table boundaries. Text can be selected for copying, pasting, and formatting. The text will take on the color, size, and font face specified in the module style sheet after the first Publish.

It is not necessary in general to change table layout cells to optimize text wrapping. This will be done automatically by the browser.

The font styles are designed to be overridable by the web visitor, for accessibility purposes. Avoid formatting the text beyond italics, boldface, and justification. If you apply a font color, be sure it has high contrast with the background.


Format ListYou can have numbered lists, bulleted lists, definition lists (glossary terms), and nested lists. Click the appropriate list toolbutton, type text into the first list item, and use a carriage return to start a new list item.

Drag and Drop Text

Contribute supports drag and drop from Word. Simply open the folder containing the document and drag it into one of the editable regions in a page draft. You can also do Insert > Microsoft Word Document... or Insert > Microsoft Excel Document....

Special Characters

Insert > Special Characters

Spell Checking

Format > Check Spelling...

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