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Creating a Module - General: Page Titles and Filenames

Page Titles

When a new page is created from a template, Contribute will often require a page title.

Page Title

This is the title that displays at the topmost portion of the web browser window. The name is just for display and can have spaces, such as "MTU Tech Alive Graduate Faculty: <<faculty name>> Home Page". A page title for the secondary Research page might be "MTU Graduate Faculty: <<faculty name>> Research". Since this is the information which is displayed when users bookmark that page, it is a good idea to be accurate and to identify MTU as the host institution. Examples:

  • MTU Tech Alive Resources: ACMAL JEOL JSM-6400 SEM
  • MTU Tech Alive Graduate Faculty: J. Smith Home Page
  • MTU Tech Alive Graduate Faculty: J. Smith Research
  • MTU Tech Alive Graduate Faculty: J. Smith Research: Facilities

To change the Window title when editing a page, do Format > Page Properties....


When you Publish a page for the first time, you will be prompted for a filename. Contribute nominates a filename derived from the Window title. Example:

  1. Window title: MTU Tech Alive Graduate Faculty: J. Smith Home Page
  2. Default filename: MTUTechAliveGraduateFacultyJSmithHomePage.htm

Contribute will remove spaces and special characters and add the correct web page extension (.htm). You can select the filename and change it to something shorter. Any filename will do as long as it is unique within your module folder.

If your menu has pre-determined filenames, be sure to save the page with a filename that exactly matches the designated filename.

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