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Help with Web Browsers

  • The main Tech Alive web pages are designed for Netscape 4.x and higher and Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher.

  • Many Instructional Modules are designed for Netscape 6.0 and higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher.

  • To determine the version of your web browser, go into the Help menu and choose About.

  • To enhance your browsing experience, maximize your browser window. Maximize Browser
  • Instructional Modules are optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Lower resolutions will require scrolling. To determine the screen resolution of a PC, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties. Select the Settings tab.

  • Most rich content documents or external web links are designed to open in a second browser window. New Window

The philosophy of Tech Alive is not to exclude web visitors based on their technical web resources, but to take advantage of new web features that are beneficial to instruction and communication. We strive to provide reasonable accomodation, and in many cases expanded accomodation, to those with limited technical resources or having special needs.


Here are some benefits to upgrading your browser to a recent version:

  • You can select from among different types of style sheets within some of the Instructional Modules. These styles are intended to enhance the comfort and accessibility of your web browsing experience.

  • Styles and layout are more consistent and attractive.

  • Font sizes are easier to adjust.

  • Javascript has better support.

We realize it is not always possible or desirable to upgrade your browser. In many cases you can get around font, layout, and scripting problems by overriding settings inside your older browser.