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VolumesThe basic unit of Tech Alive is the Module: a self-standing package of web pages which delivers information on a specific topic. Modules are organized into topical groups, termed Volumes, and these are then collected into project groups, called Series. Taken together, all of the Series constitute the Tech Alive library of materials. Examples:
SeriesEngineering Explorations: this series is home to a collection of modules which support classroom instruction for ENG1101 and ENG1102, Foundations of Engineering. A Series Editor coordinates contributions.

VolumeEnvironmental Engineering: many of the disciplines in engineering are represented in the Engineering Explorations Series. Each discipline in the series has its own volume, with a Volume Editor providing content oversight.

ModuleLake Restoration by Aeration: the basic unit of Tech Alive, developed by scholar authors or co-authors with applications support from Tech Alive staff.